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Laundry Bag Buyers Guide

Laundry bags come in all sorts of sizes and styles. The typical laundry bag is manufactured from nylon, rayon, cotton, denim or a poly/cotton blend. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a laundry bag.

One is the thickness of the fabric, measured in denier. The lower the denier number the finer the fabric.

To give you an idea of the thickness, Ultra Sheer pantyhose are less than 10 denier, while Sheer pantyhose are 10 - 20 denier and most backpack cloths begin at 420 denier.

Some nylon laundry bags are as low as 75 denier while others typically range between 100-200 denier. Our nylon laundry bags are 210 denier and our 30 x 40 Heavy Duty Poly-Blend laundry bag is a whopping 600 denier.

Another thing to consider is size, which is directly related to your laundering habits. A 22 x 28 laundry bag can hold a mix of clothing between 14-20 lbs. when full and is often referred to as a counter bag by dry cleaners because they have two metal grommets for hanging it behind the counter which allows easy sorting of starched and non-starched shirts. This size bag also comes with a convienent carry strap for easy handling. Also available in a medium size 24 x 36 with or without straps and in bulk assorted colors.

Larger size bags, typically a 30 x 40 laundry bag or a 30 x 45 laundry bag can hold upto 40-50 lbs. when full. Both sizes can be used to transport bulky clothing like jeans, sheets, blankets and comforters to and from the coin-op.

Drawstrings are used to secure the bags contents, consider bags that have a locking closure to keep the contents from falling out during travel. There are generally two types of locking closures, spring loaded and sliding closures. The sliders do not hold up well to washer and dryer cycles.

The spring loaded closures are the most reliable. However, there are two general types of spring loaded closures, small and large round ball and heavy duty bottle neck. The small round ball closures are prone to cracking while the larger round closures are more reliable. The most reliable is the heavy duty bottle our supplier uses.

The spring loaded closure requires it to be squeezed before it can be moved. The tube type is narrower at one end allowing it to have some resistance when moved. Both types require that the drawstring have a knot at the top end so the closure won't fall off.

Should the locking drawstring closure need to be replaced, untie the knot and use a pair of long needle nose pliers to pull both ends of the drawstring through the opening in the closure and retie the knot.

If you're purchasing bags to fit a bag holder or rolling cart make sure the bags will fit the holders before buying. Our 30x40 large and 30x45 extra large bags will fit bag holders that measures no more than 17 1/2" x 17" x 29" tall when opened up and fit hampers and containers requiring a 28" bag or less.

Mesh bags vary in quality, size, style and weave. The tighter the weave the longer the bag will last. Some mesh bags are open top which usually requires a large safety pin to secure the contents, while others just have a drawstring or a drawstring with a self-locking closure. Mesh laundry bags absorb a fair amount of dye when manufactured and require it is recommended to test the bag for color fastness or wash it before use.

Avoid keeping wet items in a laundry bag for an extended period of time or mildew will form. The two most common ways that cause a laundry bag to wear quickly is by dragging it and in the winter months, getting street salt on it. Street salt will eat through the fabric quickly.

If you live in a city or town where they use street salt make sure your bag does not touch the side of your salt covered car when transporting. Toss your laundry bag in with your wash to keep it clean and fresh. All our bags can be washed in warm, hot or cold water (warm recommended) and can dried on low, medium or high heat. We recommend low or medium heat or only for a few minutes on high as they dry fast.